Sellers deserve a very high level of client service. At College Area Realty we provide an exceptional level of service to our clients that many agree is the best in the industry. We start with a complete analysis of your property and then suggest and organize superior property preparation. We communicate with our sellers daily. The College Area Realty goal is to help our sellers sell their home quickly and for maximum value. Our 5 Step Process is proven to help our clients sell their homes for more money.

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Second, we assist in organizing these agreed upon improvements. We have a stable of long-term local professionals with excellent reputations that we have worked with for years, and whom we fully trust with the work. In addition, we assist in organizing improvements.


Other agents may give you a small list of items to complete and head out to their next appointment, but at College Area Realty we personally assist with completing the improvements! We oversee the work done by preferred local professionals. We also get actively involved in additional services such as attic clear-outs, help with moving, help with finding a new property, landscaping, and cleaning. Very few agents offer this level of assistance!

First, we conduct a full property analysis. We identify strategies that can increase a home’s value with Effective Improvements. We can help identify the best strategies to generate return on every dollar invested via a higher final sales price. Together with our seller, we complete a professional analysis to identify the key improvements that will generate the highest return.


Some improvements are minor and are easy to complete such as landscaping, painting, and flooring. Other improvements are slightly more advanced and together we review with our seller, the cost benefit analysis of each potential improvement.


There are certain factors that put off buyers. For example, stains on the front exterior of the property can really put off buyers and are typically easy to correct. Regularly we go to other agent’s listings and we see minor negative characteristics that could have been easily corrected prior to placing the property on the market.


Other improvements are slightly more involved. For example sometimes a fence is in bad condition. That fence can remain, be removed or fully replaced to add great value to a buyer. There are countless numbers of potential improvements possible to increase property value. At College Area Realty, we analyze and address these issues to help our sellers gain more value for their property.

Fourth, we offer superior local and international marketing. Not only do we provide a professional MLS presentation, but we market your property all over the nation via the top online listers such as Realtor, Trulia, and Zillow but we also typically reach international buyers via Yahoo Real Estate, ListHub, ListHub Global, and Proxia Global Real Estate, making sure your property gets full national and international marketing exposure. As a participant of one of the largest international real estate networks in the world, our listings reach over 60 million potential buyers across a vast network of over 85 publishers, in over 50 countries, with key reach in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

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Fifth, we are excellent negotiators. We have had extensive training in negotiation which helps us get more deals closed. Many deals fall apart through agents with little business negotiation experience. Agents just give up. But at College Area Realty we use a professional strategy to attract more buyers and to keep buyers interested in the property, resulting in a final sale that is a win-win for all parties.

Third, we put together an outstanding listing. When it comes to your online listing presence, we once again offer extraordinary services. We take multiple professional photographs including aerial photos, we write extensive property detail profiles including supplemental information, we research various property issues, assist in complete property disclosures, communicate with buyer agents, and communicate with our clients on a nearly daily basis. We always design gorgeous, full color, glossy brochures, extensive online listing presentations, including professional photography as well as detailed descriptions and important documents.

We hold open houses on all weekends the owner feels appropriate.


Regarding the property disclosures, many agents drop off a pile of complicated forms and return later to retrieve them leaving the seller confused. At College Area Realty, we assist in understanding the disclosures and explaining what the disclosures require. Our office broker is typically personally present during this time to answer any and all questions. Our broker is a real estate contract’s expert, earned an RMS contracts specialist designation and teaches real estate related fundamentals on a regular basis. At College Area Realty, our broker personally oversees the transaction. We NEVER hand over your transaction to a team, like at other local real estate agencies. We do NOT simply drop off or email a stack of documents to the owner to be completed by Docusign or DigitalInk (an increasing trend these days!) . Our sellers deal DIRECTLY with our agent and broker during the entire process. 


Our clients typically tell us at the completion of the transaction that we provided them with BY FAR the best service they have ever experienced in real estate.

Risk Management Specialists

Whether you are a buyer or seller, please be aware that real estate transactions these days are complicated and not all real estate agents are the same. At College Area Realty we are highly trained professionals that compile a strong real estate file to help avoid problems down the road. All of our agents are extensively trained in risk management. That helps ensure our clients are well served. We offer a no-pressure, no- obligation environment for our clients.

Sellers do not always consider the importance of risk management. But the truth is that one of the most important aspects of a transaction is the reduction of seller risk through professional contracts. In addition to our agents reviewing the file, our broker personally handles each and every file (unlike other agencies). Our Broker is a contract's expert, with decades of experience and has earned the prestigious RMS certification in contracts excellence. For trickier issues we have our local College Area Realty attorney available at all times to review any important issues or questions. Simply put, our transaction files are the best in the industry, designed to protect our sellers to the highest level possible in a residential real estate transaction

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